Neighbourhood Plan

We are pleased to inform readers that we will be developing a neighbourhood plan for the parish over the course of the next few years. The parish was formally designated a neighbourhood area by East Suffolk Council in February 2020. Developing a Neighbourhood Plan is an exciting opportunity for residents and other interested parties to develop a shared vision for the parish and influence how the parish will grow and develop in the next ten years and beyond. The neighbourhood plan will be developed by the people in the parish and it will reflect the views of the people in the parish.

A working group has been established with numerous volunteers and councillors that will be overseeing the process of developing a neighbourhood plan for the parish. There will be lots of opportunities to get involved such as expressing your views on the issues in the parish and how this can be addressed in the plan.  An experienced, locally based planning consultant, Places4People, will be assisting the working group with the development of the Neighbourhood Plan.

The next step in developing a neighbourhood plan for the parish is to engage with residents and other interested parties about a vision for the plan; and needs and issues in the parish. The community engagement process and responses; and other evidence sources such as a landscape assessment will all help to shape a draft neighbourhood plan. For further information please contact the Clerk, Mrs Sylvia Stannard by emailing or phoning 01473 711509.